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We have a Classic Note Bible that needs to be included.  It is the only one in a gold box.  There is one blank page for notes between each page.
The Classic Note Bible is a great tool for studying with a blank page carefully bound between each page of Scripture. This genuine leather bound Bible is ideal to write down sermon notes, Bible study notes, or sermon outlines and the gold box makes it a perfect gift. 

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  • Our Founder

    At age 14, John Stancil trusted Christ as his personal savior and joined the Forest Hills Baptist Church in Decatur, GA where Dr. Curtis Hudson was pastor. John worked at the church first as a janitor, then the training union director and next as the Sunday school superintendent. He added leading the singing to his responsibilities and did so for 5 years. John then took on the title of Bus Director and lead the bus ministry from 4 to 52 buses, averaging 1,859 people each Sunday. Dr. Rice then asked Dr. Stancil to join him at the Sword of the Lord where John worked as conference director and circulation manager for several years before founding Anchor Bible Concepts. Dr. Stancil believes that his life represents what is possible if supporting the work of God is your primary purpose every day.